Interactive Workshops About the Microbes That Make Us Who We Are

Microbial Makeover workshops are a fun and informative way to learn about the importance of abundant and diverse microbes in our internal and external environments. From our Microbial Makeover Fundamentals workshop to our many Special Topic workshops, Microbial Makeover workshops will teach you all you need to know about what microbes are, how we can affect them in positive and negative ways, and how they affect our health for better or worse. Guided by our expert facilitators, Steve Fountain, MD, PhD, and Tasha Alison of Icebox Urban Farm, our workshops’ content ranges from informative presentations, accompanied by samplings of probiotic goodies, to fully hands-on, guided classes that will provide you with skills and techniques you’ll need to fully incorporate Microbial Makeover strategies into your life.

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The Facilitators

J. Stephen Fountain, MD, PhD

A trained physician and interdisciplinary scholar, Dr. Fountain has lectured and published in both the sciences and humanities in the US and abroad. His current research interests revolve around emerging paradigms of disease and wellness, fertility and sterility, and the importance of microbiota in macro-environments such as the human body. He is also the co-founder of Icebox Ministries.

Tasha Alison

Tasha Alison is a three-decade veteran of marketing and research and the President and co-founder of Icebox Ministries. An expert food educator and engaging local food advocate, she has been involved in educational initiatives and community-building programs for over ten years. Her current interests include efforts to re-teach lost life-skills and encourage sustainable and biologically diverse foodways. She has a passion for food preservation, including traditional and emerging methods of fermentation.

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